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Real-life testimonials from our clients

Finding the right home care company to serve your unique situation can feel overwhelming. Will they be able to attend to all our home care needs? Will they provide experienced caregivers who understand the daily challenges of caring for our loved ones?  Will they listen and respect our loved ones wishes, while protecting and ensuring their well-being?
We believe our client testimonials can help you answer these questions and more!

I had the care of caregivers from Compassionate In-Home Care for about two years. I found the caregivers to be very caring, dependable & compassionate!
The organization is a very professional, Christian & caring group of individuals. 

I would recommend them to everyone!


It was a wonderful experience. The company owner and the client services manager met with myself, my brother, and my mother to determine my mother’s needs, and to get a feel for her personality. Anyone who has been saddled with the task of convincing their aging parents that they need assistance, knows this can be a real challenge.

My mother’s caregivers were perfect: Very high energy, bubbly personality and a little bit silly, just like my mother! They really enjoyed each other’s company. Our caregivers were always punctual. They were very pleasant and extremely responsible. They were always in close contact with us, certain to keep us abreast of any health concerns they suspected. It was such a relief to know my mother was being safely care for and at the same enjoying her caregiver’s visits.


After an interview process with several agencies, Compassionate In-Home Care, Inc. was selected to provide care to my aging parent. I was impressed with the company's policies and procedures and in general, their form of doing business. Mr. Govern and Ms. Hess interviewed with me first then went to the home of my father to visit with him. I was next introduced to the home caregiver and only after that was an agreement made. All avenues were investigated while trying to assure the best fit for all. 

The home caregiver was clear on her responsibilities and completed all tasks as assigned. She did her best to make my father comfortable. Mr. Govern and Ms. Hess showed care and concern when my father fell ill and lived up to the company's name of "Compassionate" care. 

I am pleased with my experience with this agency and would recommend their services to others trying to help their parent(s) maintain their independence, while still providing necessary additional care. 

J.W. R.

“We simply do not know what we would have done with you and your wonderful staff. When Grandma had her mild stroke on Memorial Day, it was evident that she had enough impairment to be a danger to herself if left unattended for even a very short while. We were at a loss on how to make good on our promise to take care of her and still be able to run our household and provide a normal life for our children. It soon became obvious that we had to have 24 hour in home care or assign her end days to be lived out in a residential care facility. “

“I must say how impressed we were with not just the loving and caring efforts, but true elder care skills your caregivers provided. They provided for all her needs in a caring and competent manner. Grandma's last days on this earth were blesses by having your staff available to her and protect her. Thanks to you she was able to pass from this life one week short of her 97th birthday in her own home, comfortable, and at peace holding the hands of her loved ones.”

“Thanks again for your wonderful staff. You and your staff do great work which I am sure you will be richly rewarding for this life and the next. Please relay our heartfelt gratitude to Georgie and all of Grandma's caregivers.“


Dear Joe, 

My mother just recently passed away in December. I feel that the care you and your caregivers provided her far exceeded any other help my mom received. 

The one-on-one contact and sincere understanding with the care was felt and appreciated by both my mom and myself.

It was like a member of the family being with her. Sometimes she only needed a friend to talk to and do small tasks.  Towards the end, she needed much more, and that was not a problem for your employees either. They were willing to do what ever she wanted or needed. 

Thanks again, and I highly recommend you to others in need.


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